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Unit 1: Ancient Africa - The Cradle of Civilization (All 16 Classes plus 4 bonus Intro Classes!)

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According to anthropologists, historians and scientists from every relevant discipline, the origins of humanity and civilization begin in Africa. Therefore human history begins in Africa. The civilizations of Nubia and ancient Kemet (Egypt) are thousands of years older those of the Greeks and Romans. Yet in America, history begins with Western civilization. African history has been purposely omitted because it contradicts the philosophy of White Supremacy.  Thus Unit 1 covers the missing pages of world history, African History. The contributions of Africans to civilization is immeasurable. Learn first-hand.

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“You are young, gifted, and Black. We must begin to tell our young, There's a world waiting for you, Yours is the quest that's just begun.”
                                           - James Weldon Johnson